About IGF

Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a global process, conducted under the aegis of the United Nations, to facilitate discussion and debate between all stakeholders allowing them to discuss, exchange information and share initiatives related to Internet Governance. The IGF is based on the principles of transparency, openness, inclusiveness and the identification of the topics through a "bottom-up approach" to the agenda. Internet Governance Forum facilitates the discussion among all parties interested in the Internet ecosystem following a principle of egalitarian participation. Internet Governance Forum was established by the UN Secretary in 2006 as a result of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS 2003 - 2005) with the mandate to discuss issues of public interest relating to the governance of the Network. It has become over the years the reference point for the global discussion on Internet governance issues and on the multistakeholder discussion and comparison model. The role of the United Nations is exclusively that of promoting and facilitating. The IGF stakeholders are essentially classified in four groups (governments, industry, civil society, academy / technical community), integrated by representatives of international organizations (including ICANN, ITU, UNESCO, etc.), media and other communities relevant to the progress of the Internet.

·         Internet Governance Forum 

The objective of the IGF is to maximize the opportunities for dialogue and exchange of ideas among all stakeholders on not only technical, but also economic and social aspects of Internet governance, thus creating the opportunity to share experiences and identify issues emerging relative to the governance of the Network and to bring them to the attention of the relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Participation in global IGFs is free and open to everyone, including through the special remote participation platform. At the IGF inaugural meeting in November 2006 in Athens international editions followed: Brazil 2007, India 2008, Egypt 2009, Lithuania 2010, Kenya 2011, Azerbaijan 2012, Indonesia 2013, Turkey 2014, Brazil 2015, Mexico 2016, Geneva 2017, Paris 2018. The next global event will be held in Berlin at the end of November 2019.

·         Upcoming event: IGF Global 2019 Berlin November 25th-29th

The success of the IGF model of discussion and comparison  has led to the creation of national and regional initiatives by adopting the principles of the global model and bringing their contributions to the annual discussion of the IGF.

·         IGF Italia

The coordination of national and regional initiatives constitutes the NRI (National and Regional Initiatives) of the global IGF, which has its own site where the various local initiatives are announced and referenced.

·         National and Regional Initiatives

To date there are 68 national and 16 regional IGFs. The UN IGF Secretariat, with the contribution of local initiatives, created in 2016 a guide for the organization of national IGFs according to the principles and processes adopted by the global IGF (NRI Toolkit).

IGF Italia 2019, after the editions of Cagliari 2008, Pisa 2009, Rome 2010, Trento 2011, Turin 2012, Rome 2014, Rome 2015, Venice 2016, Bologna 2017, Rome 2018  will be held in Turin from 29 to 31 October. IGF Italia 2019 adopts the UN principles of national and regional initiatives (NRI Toolkit), and invites all the stakeholders to contribute to the preparation and participate in the next edition to be held from 29 to 31 October in Turin.

·         Upcoming event: IGF Italia 2019 Torino 29th-31th October